Surrender to the Magic of the Carnival and Celebrate the End of Winter
A lot of different places have revived customs and traditions from the Carnival and Lucerne is among them. Every year, all the locals with the tourists that have gathered in the city celebrate the beginning of spring and have fun all around the streets of the city. Lucerne turns bright and nobody sleeps even during the night. Old customs and traditional masks that are carved in wood are popular among the people who celebrate and the musicians are out in the open air, playing music for all the people found in Lucerne till the morning.

There are parades that you should not miss throughout the carnival in Lucerne. In these parades, the musician who are called “Guggenmusigen” play their drums and their instruments without any melody, while people from all over the world stroll up and down wearing masks and doing literally anything they want, without any hidden agenda and without any hesitation whatsoever. Another custom that is followed year after year ever since it was first introduced to Lucerne in 1981 is that of “Guuggerbaum” or else the Carnival Tree. This is a tree that includes all the flags of the groups that have joined the Carnival and is in fact the most eloquent proof of the unity of these groups and consequently of these people.

Lucerne is always a fabulous place for arranging your vacations. If however you are lucky enough to plan your trip during the Carnival in the city, you will know a different part of the nightlife and the magic that Lucerne is able to hand over to you generously. So, this is by far the best season for you to pay a visit to Lucerne and get enchanted by the local Carnival and the festivities of the people!